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Saint Seiya Omega: 1x11

Protect Aria! The Attack of Sonia, the Pursuer!

Yuna arrives with Aria to a small town. In Babel, Mars send Sonia (the Highest Martian), The Crow and Miguel of the Hound (Silver Saints) after them. Miguel guides the bad gang to the town where Aria and Yuna are in a church. Aria is left hidden and Yuna goes to fight. Right when Sonia is about to kill Yuna, one martian arrives asking Sonia to go back to Babel for a meeting of Mars with all the Saints. It is revealed that she killed Soma’s father. She leaves and the Crow is beating Soma and Yuna. Koga save them and help Yuna to deliver a fatal blow on Crow. In Babel: Yuna, Soma, Koga, Ryuho and Haruto are blamed for Santuary destruction and taking Athena apart. So all the Saints are looking for them.

Saint Seiya Omega: 1×11
Jun. 10, 2012

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